Using Cash Back & Promo Codes/Coupons:

  •  Cashback Promo Code may not be applicable for all the products on the website.
  • Special coupons should be redeemed within the limited period, and validity once expired, cannot be extended later.
  • Two offers cannot be clubbed together using the Promo Code.
  • Desi Patakha reserves the right to cancel any promotional ‘Promo Code’ and the transactions in which they are used. (This is not applicable on Cash back Promo Codes)
  • Cashback and Promo Code Coupon cannot be clubbed together to avail an offer at Desi Patakha. This means, if Promo Code is used in an offer, Cashback cannot be generated.
  • Cash back amount is subject to change at the sole discretion Desi Patakha.

Product View:
The colors of the product may seem different in day mode and night mode. It is suggested to view the products in white light to get the clarity of colors.

Cleaning and Maintaining:
The products are ‘ONLY DRY CLEAN’. Keep them in a cover to avoid damage to the products or other clothes.

Images & Representations of Products:
Product pictures are taken in the real-life lightning. The color might have a slight difference because of the lighting effects which is unavoidable. With the handmade products slightest and inevident differences are possible. Please refer the product specification for the details.

Prices :
The prices of the products may change without prior notice.

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