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Desi Patakha was started 4 years ago with the purpose of promoting Indian Handicrafts! The idea of elevating Indian Handicrafts to a level where it can be noticed and loved is the reason it has been going strong since all these years. These dupattas not only follow the tradition, they also flaunt it.

Dupatta, a 2.5 meter of cloth can turn around the whole look and feel of any outfit. The concept of dupatta comes from strong Indian roots which has spread its branches all over the world now. It is THAT addition to your closet, which, once enters, never leaves. Dupatta knows no hierarchy, it can be flaunted by women of every age. It’s a legacy, a gesture of love, a sign of blessing, which will be passed to generations as the ‘heirloom’ of the family.

Our dupattas are long ankle scarfs hugging you slender and making you feel complete. Afterall, a splash of colors is enough to brighten up that boring outfit. Anyway, the world is so style driven that you don’t need to play safe with these handcrafted and delicate pieces of cloth.

Undoubtedly, our romance with these dupattas is unending!

Ayushi Sharma Sahni


Only the Best

About Ayushi

A humble human being with a great sense of style. These two terms are enough to describe Ayushi Sharma Sahni. She always had a soft corner for Indian Handicrafts which eventually turned into a profession. She combined her love for handicrafts, tradition, and fashion and Desi Patakha was born.  She has nurtured the baby and now it’s 4 years young.
She follows Ray Kroc’s famous ideology for running Desi Patakha, which is,
‘Look after the customers and the business will take care of itself.’

What inspires Ayushi to run Desi Patakha?

Ayushi foresaw the receding and dilapidated state of Indian handicrafts. Hence, she took up the mission to save these century-old Indian originated arts by creating a market for them.

She travelled from state to state to meet the artisans who produce these exquisite materials of perfection. And then, thread by thread, she weaved Desi Patakha with love and touch of warmth.

“When you know that a lot of these artisans/weavers are feeding their families because of the work that you are providing to them, it’s one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. There is no better inspiration than that”, says Ayushi.

“Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Keep your friends close and your dupatta closer!


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